“Everyone at the event -from the guests to the staff in the hotel- were impressed with the detail and the care given to the event. The team is lovely, organized, elegant, talented and sweet. It was a pleasure working with them”

Hannah & Jaziel,
Bride & Groom

“I couldn’t say enough good things about Riviera Kosher. The whole team worked so hard to make our wedding as amazing as it was. It was definitely the best decision we made to work with them, they are fantastic!”

Michelle & Mendy,
Bride & Groom

“I am so happy I chose Riviera Kosher to plan my daughter’s wedding. They thought of every detail. The planning process was fun and spectacular. Top notch, professional and creative, I highly recommend them.”

Bride’s Mom

“We couldn’t have had a more comprehensive and responsive wedding planner. Arianne had a consistent and proactive approach with us and the wedding vendors to ensure every part of the wedding was plain sailing.”

Mendy & Michelle,
Bride & Groom

“Natalia’s suggestions for the menu were so creative and unique. Her attention to details was exceptional, the catering was a complete success.”

Bride’s Mom

 “The first time I talked to Shlomi, I knew we were going to plan the wedding with them. What I never imagined was that they were going to execute perfectly what I told them and bumped it up to the next level.”

Bride’s Mom